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Mountain Patchwork!

Founded by Steve and Jan Robar in 2008 in the Colorado Rocky Mountains

Handcrafted Wood and Wool Creations

Wool Products

Jan creates all the wool products from recycled wool sweaters, blankets, suit coats and skirts. The wool is carefully selected for quality and color, then washed in hot water in a process called “felting,” which causes the wool to shrink into a dense material that will not unravel.

The wool naturally makes all of these products extra warm and toasty! Every year, Jan comes out with a new creation, this year she has designed a new wool hat with a cute visor, both fun and functional!

Wool Mittens

These cozy mittens are available in a variety of sizes and an ever-changing selection of colors. All are fleece-lined with durable stitching and meticulous detail. Many pairs are also embellished with unique buttons or feltwork.

Wool Hats

These woolen hats will keep you warm, even in the mountains! This year we’re offering Jan’s tried-and-true beanie and her new hat with a visor as well. The hats are all lined with fleece for comfort and extra warmth, available in a variety of sizes and an ever-changing selection of colors and patterns. Many hats are adorned with unique buttons or felted flowers.

Wool Pins

Colorful combinations of wool and buttons that can be matched to your new wool hat or to wear on your favorite coat, bag or sweater.

Wood Carvings

Steve hand-carves wooden animal sculptures using the traditional woodworking tools of carving knives, chisels, files and wood rasps. His carvings are not intended to be anatomic replicas of the animals, but rather are artfully rendered stylistic representations of the creatures that inspired them. He simultaneously uses the forms to highlight the character and beauty of the unique wood types used for the carvings.

Steve uses many varieties of wood for his carvings. The traditionally preferred woods in his work include black walnut, black cherry and butternut (closely related to pecan). He also carves from other woods as they are available, including eastern red cedar (commonly known as aromatic cedar), willow and basswood.

Most of these beautiful hardwoods are rare in Colorado and Steve makes trips back to the Midwest to obtain fresh lumber, which then has to “season” for at least 2 years in his barn before use. Also, due to recent heightened interest in the unique blue stain coloring of the local lodgepole pine that was decimated by the pine beetle, Steve also offers a selection of his carvings in this “beetle-kill” wood from fallen trees in Grand County, Colorado.

Small Carved Birds

Inspired by the silhouettes of chickadees and hummingbirds, these birds are available as hanging ornaments or can be mounted on twigs and branches. Some mounts can hold 2 or even 3 birds! Many of the mounts and birds are interchangeable so you can find the perfect combination, and these make great stocking stuffers!

Small Carved Owls (Owlets)

With simple lines and a visage reminiscent of the barn owl, these carvings are available in a variety of the beautiful woods and look great on a desk or bookshelf.

Large Carvings

These larger carvings are true wooden sculptures that really show off the beautiful characteristics of the wood and the skill of the artist. Taking inspiration from ducks, loons, Canada geese, owls, cats and horses, these carvings look great on mantle or as a table centerpiece.